Review : The Bangalore Pantry, Indiranagar

If you happen to live in Indiranagar, you will be spoilt for choices. So over the weekend when I was looking for a breakfast option that didn’t involve baked beans and sausages, my partner in crime and I headed to this little place called The Bangalore Pantry to satiate our hunger cravings.

Located next to Toit, this place will most likely take you on a nostalgia trip (it happened to me atleast thrice while I was here having my breakfast). This place though small, gives off good vibes, so that’s a plus.

We ordered the Bombay Omlette, Ros omlette, a side of bacon, cold coffee and khus soda shikanji. Food arrived in 15 minutes. The Bombay Omlette comprised of a masala omlette served with butter pav.  However, I was more interested in the ros omlette. The dish had a plain omlette on a bed of chicken xacuti gravy served with pav. I have personally never had an omlette in a curry for breakfast. The gravy had traces of coconut and mint and went well with the omlette and the pav. The Bombay Omlette, on the other hand, was nothing extraordinary. Your usual masala omlette with pavs.

Khus Soda Shikanji
Bombay Omlette with Butter Pav

The Khus soda shikanji was the winner for me. One sip and it took me back to my childhood and any dish that takes me on a trip down memory lane takes the cake. The presentation of the bacon order was done well. The bacon too was done well, nor too crisp nor too soggy.

The cold coffee was a bit of a letdown for me. On a hot weekend breakfast, if I don’t find my coffee to be chilled enough, it turns out to be a mood spoiler for me.

Ros Omlette in Chicken Xacuti gravy
Bacon served with caramelised onions

All in all I feel that The Bangalore Pantry is a must visit place if you want to break away from your usual English or south Indian breakfast routine. There’s more to be explored here……..

Verdict: Good ambience with decent food, this place is easy on your pocket. A good option if you are looking for an Indian breakfast place.


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