Review : Pot-O-Noodles, Indiranagar

I have always enjoyed a desi version of Chinese cuisine. Be it the dark brown chowmein or the gobi manchurian or the variety of even paneer manchurian, Indian-Chinese has grown ten folds. Joining this bandwagon, is the Japanese cuisine as well. Making inroads into the desi market, Japanese cuisine too seems to have a decent following in Bangalore. One such place that offers Japanese-cum-Chinese  fare is the Pot-O-Noodles in Indiranagar.

I had heard a lot about this place through friends and family members. So me and my partner in crime went here on a Sunday. This is not your fine dining joint but a small, quaint place with benches and tables that let off a cozy vibe. Their menu offers decent variety for vegetarians but a lil bit more to the meat-eaters. We ordered for pork pot stickers, teriyaki chicken ramen and chilly ramen with grilled chicken.

Pork Pot Stickers

We started with the Pork pot stickers. Filled with a generous serving of pork mince, the pot stickers finished as soon as it arrived on the table. Steamed momos, slightly shallow fried and served with your choice of chilly or tomato sauce. All I could taste was the delicious pork filling.

Next came our ramens. Am someone who cannot tolerate spice. So you can guess who had the chilly ramen with grilled chicken. One bite into the teriyaki chicken ramen and I had gotten a taste of the Indo-Japanese fusion. Best part of the dish- large chunks of chicken with noodles in a soy broth. What didn’t work for me-too much soya sauce with overpowers all the other flavours of the dish and the almost half boiled eggs. Chilly ramen with grilled chicken was a bit too tad spicy for my taste. So I didn’t want to have another bite of it.

Teriyaki Chicken Ramen
Chilly Ramen with Grilled Chicken

Verdict: The place is perfect for those who want to have some Asian fare that is easy on the pocket. Portions are huge, so be sure that one starter and one ramen will definitely fill you up.

PS- They have opened another branch at Lavelle Road.



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