Review: Smoor, Indiranagar

I have always been more of a salad person than a main-course person, more of a sweet tooth person than your savoury person. So when Smoor opened its doors to the public for the first time in my hood (yes, that’s what I like to call Indiranagar now 🙂 ) I was more than excited. Smoor with all its glistening interiors attracted me from Day 1.

So me and my partner in crime went here on a weekday, with food on our minds and growling tummies. Once there we realised that the place was full, so we agreed to wait outside for a table to be free inside. Bangalore’s weather in its all unpredictable nature seemed like it was going to pour that evening. So sitting out in that pleasant breeze was not difficult at all.

Ten minutes later we were seated and we placed our order. We ordered for a Vegetarian Caesar Salad, Double Decker Sandwich Green Appletini and Orange Mojito. Once the food arrived I was impressed. Not only did the salad look good but it tasted extremely well also. The dressing with the grated parmesan cheese went really well together– this is a classic. The bread crouton was in the form of a ring with a hint of garlic. Meanwhile, double decker sandwich had an omlette and a generous portion of chicken. The sandwich was grilled to perfection. What we really loved were the chilly flakes sprinkled fries served with a garlic mint dip. Both our drinks were refreshing and completed our meal.

Vegetarian Caesar salad@ Smoor
Double Decker Sandwich @Smoor

Next we ordered for the desserts. Since I had been hearing a lot about this place, there was a particular dessert that I had mind mind that I wanted to try. We ordered for the Choco Namelaka with Raspberry and Black Tea and the Mocha Supreme…….

IMG_20170406_190504018 (1)
Choco Namelaka with Raspberry an Black Tea@Smoor
Mocha Supreme @ Smoor

Both the desserts are a treat for your eyes and your palate. The presentation of the desserts gets full marks. We started with the Choco Namelaka with Raspberry and Black Tea. I was so surprised that there were so many different elements on the plate. My favourite? The candied rose petal and the raspberry sponge. Apart from this, there was the raspberry and rose jam that gave the entire dish a tangy flavour, whereas the rose petals and the cocoa crumbs imparted the crunchy texture…An absolute winner….The Mocha Supreme will definitely be a hit amongst coffee lovers. The creamy chocolate and coffee dome just melts in your mouth…. loved this one as well.

Verdict: This place should be on top of your list when you think desserts and good ambience. A little costly on the pocket, but worth every bite you dig in…….



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