A lil bit of Paris in my city

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) or the Bengaluru airport is constantly revamping itself to cater to the needs of flyers. Whether it is to deck up the interiors, or have more dining options, you will always notice something new at the KIA.

Though not a frequent flyer, I was more than pleased when I had to travel to Bombay  (Yes I still call in Bombay….) recently and stopped by Cafe Noir for a quick breakfast. So my partner in crime and I deliberately arrived at the airport with the intent to grab breakfast. One of the reasons why I still love Bengaluru is because of the weather. So this time it was pleasant and equally windy and we found ourselves comfortable seated waiting for our food to arrive.

I ordered for Le Lazard with brown baguette… The filling was pieces of chicken, with lettuce and tomato and cheese and the sandwich was served with a portion of fries and salad. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the sandwich I only wished that the baguette was a little tender. Other than that, this sandwich makes for a hearty breakfast.



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