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When our afternoon revolved around chicken wings and keema pav

If there is something that I cannot let go of, it is food. I’ve tried to diet, tried to give up a particular food item (read potato chips) and drink lots of green tea, but somehow the moment I see an opportunity to eat good food, I think YOLO 🙂

So on a pleasant afternoon my partner in crime and I decided to go shopping at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield. Both of us were drawn to one store after another… So after two hours of shopping and window shopping, our tummies reminded us that we needed some fuel to continue. Ever since Whitefield Social had opened, we had wanted to go and try out the food here (we are really big fans of Churchstreet Social and Colaba Social). After being seated comfortably, we ordered for Caesar salad with bacon, keema pav, Hot Tennessee Chicken Wings, Peach Iced Tea and Spiced Guava Mocktail.

The food and drinks arrived in about 15 minutes. As soon as we got the chicken wings, we went straight for it. The chicken wings, served with onion rings, were coated in a tangy sauce and were cooked to perfection. Succulent pieces of chicken in the tangy sauce made for a scrumptious starter. Next arrived the keema pav and Caesar salad.

Tennessee Chicken Wings
Caesar Salad with bacon
Keema Pav

The Caesar salad was little bit of a let down. Less dressing with just heaps of lettuce and a decent serving of bacon failed to impress my tastebuds. I’ve definitely had better Caesar salad in the city. The Keema Pav, on the other hand, reminded me a lot of Bombay. The pav had a generous helping of butter and the minced mutton went well with the masaledar gravy. The spicy tangy gravy complimented the pav really well.

Spice Guava mocktail
Peach Iced Tea

When it came to our drinks, the ice tea again didn’t manage to impress us. PS- It also took sometime for it to arrive but the spiced guava was fairly better. It could have had  slightly more hint of spice into it as well.

Verdict: Whitefield Social may standout for the ambiance and its food, but it’s sisters in Koramangala and ChurchStreet definitely overpower it in terms of food. In case you are here, definitely order the Tennessee Chicken Wings- you won’t be disappointed.



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