Why Am In Love With Bombay

Yes, I still prefer to call it Bombay as opposed to ‘Mumbai’. Every time I come here, I fall in love with the city more and more….Not only does the fast pace of the city captivate me, but the kind of food it offers seems like a heaven for a foodie like me. Whether it is the soft vada pao that Bombay is proud of or the fine dining Chinese that caters to an elite audience, Bombay is slowly growing on me.

My trips to Bombay became a regular only after 2015. So every summer, my partner in crime and I pack our bags for a week or so, meet in our grandparent’s house where all the aunts and cousins come together for a week of laughter, memories and food !! (My partner in crime’s family is very fond of food and do not shy away from experimenting different cuisines.) So this time when we landed with our packed bags, I was looking forward to eating some local and some fine dining that Bombay is all about.

Sadhguru’s fast food

Located in near Chembur station, this fast food joint has been around for years. I am told by my foodie cousins to order for their pav bhaji and mango cream…..The eatery has an AC and a non- AC seating and we found comfort in the AC section since we couldn’t bear the hot and humid Bombay summer. Enter two plates of Pav Bhaji and one plate of Mango cream…. This joint makes now qualms to top the bhaji to such an extent that all you will see is grated cheese and no bhaji to go with the pavs. One bite into the butter loaded pavs and bhaji and you can kiss you diet goodbye. Tastes of butter, cheese and the spicy-tangy bhaji make this for a delightful evening snack.

Next came the mango cream and falooda… Falooda was unlike any other that I had had before. With dollops of ice cream and jelly, vermicelli, this was a winner amongst us. Mango cream, also an extremely popular dish here, is a thick mango mixed with fresh cream into a smooth creamy consistency dish- a sure way  to beat the heat. You cannot go wrong with this one for sure.


Cheese pav bhaji
Mango cream



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