Review: Bombay Brasserie, Indiranagar

Located on Indiranagar 12th Main, Bombay Brasserie caught my attention from the day it had opened its doors to the public. So my partner in crime and I along with a close friend went here on a Saturday afternoon.

I almost instantly fell in love with the ambience of this place. White painted walls with a touch of modern and traditional furniture, we found ourselves seated comfortably in a corner. One glance at the menu and we knew almost instantly that we wouldn’t be disappointed. The restaurant boasts of ‘Modern Indian’ cuisine. So we first ordered for our drinks- Peru Pleasure, Masala Cola and Chai Sherbet and for starters we ordered for the Galauti Kebabs and Amritsar fish Tikka. 

Our initial order arrived with ten minutes and the Galauti kebabs and Amritsar fish Tikka were almost instantly polished off the plates. The Galauti Kebabs were placed on small coin parathas served with green chutney. The kebabs were made of finely ground mutton and almost melted in our mouths. The Amritsar Fish Tikka too was done to perfection without drying out the fish. It was moist and bursting of flavours. Meanwhile, our drinks too were a hit. The Peru Pleasure had strong hint of chilly which complemented the sweet guava flavour. The Masala Cola was nothing different from what I’ve had before but that too went well with our food. The Chai Sherbet was a stronger version of your lemon ice tea which again we quite liked.

Peru Pleasure
Peru Pleasure, Masala Cola and Chai Sherbet
Galauti Kebab
Amritsar Fish Tikka

Next we ordered for our main courses- Salli chicken with tandoori roti, Chur Chur Paratha and Bombay Chicken Biryani. The Salli chicken reminded me of my mother’s cooking- boneless pieces of chicken in tomato gravy. The gravy was flavoursome and wasn’t overpowered with a lot of masalas and was topped with salli. In fact, we could get a slight hint of sweetness (usually seen in several Parsi dishes) in the gravy which went well with the tandoori rotis.

The Bombay Chicken biryani was like a breath of fresh air- a much needed change from all your masaledaar biryanis. The biryani was cooked in dum and I instantly fell in love with the dish. To put it in simple terms, the biryani was high on flavours and not masalas. Boneless pieces of chicken and potatoes coated with slight masalas, this dish didn’t need an accompaniment like raita.

Salli chicken with tandoori rotis and chur chur paratha
Bombay chicken biryani

Verdict- If you want to have really good Indian dishes with a modern twist and are looking for a much needed change from our usually Italian, Asian fare, this is the place to be. PS- The place is slightly expensive on the pocket but worth a visit.


1 thought on “Review: Bombay Brasserie, Indiranagar”

  1. This place looks like the phenomenal Indian Coffee House! Hearing these cuisines for the first time, This place is definitely on my check list now!


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