How I survived the Keto Bread…

I had no clue what Keto Bread was until recently… Having heard so much about the ‘Keto Diet’, when my partner in crime and I decided to go for a quick lunch to Cafe Thulp, I was surprised to see their new Keto Menu (For 2 seconds I was wondering how come Cafe Thulp, known for its Moo burgers and bacon and wings, was going the Keto way…)

Nevertheless, I decided to experiment and ordered for Smoked Beef Keto Sandwich. The sandwich arrived and I was excited like an infant. Half way through my Keto sandwich I realised, this is not my cup of tea (or in this case, not my kinda sandwich). While the sandwich came with a decent roast beef filling, it was the bread that I did not like.

Keto Breads are usually made with almond flour and eggs and are very light and airy.

While I could finish only one half of the dish, the remaining I brought back home and decided to tweak it a bit. I removed the Keto Bread and replaced it with brown bread slices and one slice of cheese in between the beef, tomato, lettuce and mozzarella filling. I know thats cheating on my part, but I realised that Keto bread is something that I am not fond of…..


Smoked beef Keto Sandwich

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