Restaurant Reviews

Marzipan Cafe and Bakery

Bengaluru never fails to surprise you — be it the temperamental weather or the array of cuisines it offers. Having said that, on a Saturday afternoon,after my partner in crime and I finished with our initial Christmas shopping, we decided to have lunch around Ulsoor. And after giving a lot of thought, we decided to go to Marzipan Café and Bakery. Read more


The Whitefield Arms, Whitefield

The moment you say Whitefield, and one pictures traffic, chaos and the dreaded travel time. However, The Whitefield Arms, a pub and a micro-brewery located on the Ground Floor of the VR Mall, should be a good reason for you to brave the traffic and get here.

Though VR Mall boasts of a good number of restaurants and a good food court, on a Saturday afternoon, my partner in crime and I chose to cater to our tummies’ repeated growls at The Whitefield Arms. Continue Reading…


Dhaba- Estd 1986 Delhi and Cafe Felix

Review: Dhaba- Estd 1986 Delhi (earlier Dhaba By Claridges)

August is a very special month for me. Not only is it my birthday month, but it also happens to be my partner in crime’s birthday month as well (our birthdays are just five days apart). So we kicked off the birthday month by celebrating his birthday at Dhaba By Claridges. Continue reading…


Made in Punjab, UB City

For a Mangalorean like me, who was born and brought up in the Northern part of the country, sometimes good ol’ desi food is all it takes to make me happy. So when friends and we decided to have dinner over the weekend, we thought why not give the usual Chinese, Asian, Italian fare a miss and try out desi khana. Continue Reading…


Bombay Brasserie, Indiranagar


Located on Indiranagar 12th Main, Bombay Brasserie caught my attention from the day it had opened its doors to the public. So my partner in crime and I along with a close friend went here on a Saturday afternoon. Continue Reading…

Whitefield Social, Phoenix Market City


If there is something that I cannot let go of, it is food. I’ve tried to diet, tried to leave a particular food item (read potato chips) and drink lots of green tea, but somehow the moment I see an opportunity to eat good food, I think YOLO 🙂 Continue Reading……

Smoor, Indiranagar

IMG_20170406_190504018 (1)

I have always been more of a salad person than a main-course person, more of a sweet tooth person than your savoury person. So when Smoor opened its doors to the public for the first time in my hood (yes, that’s what I like to call Indiranagar now 🙂 ) I was more than excited. Smoor with all its glistening interiors attracted me from Day 1.Continue Reading…

The Bangalore Pantry, Indiranagar


If you happen to live in Indiranagar, you will be spoilt for choices. So over the weekend when I was looking for a breakfast option that didn’t involve baked beans and sausages, my partner in crime and I headed to this little place called The Bangalore Pantry to satiate our hanger cravings.

Read more …

Pot-O-Noodles, Indiranagar


I have always enjoyed a desi version of Chinese cuisine. Be it the dark brown chowmein or the gobi manchurian or the variety of even paneer manchurian, Indian-Chinese has grown ten folds. Joining this bandwagon, is the Japanese cuisine as well. Making inroads into the desi market, Japanese cuisine too seems to have a decent following in Bangalore. One such place that offers Japanese-cum-Chinese fare is the Pot-O-Noodles in Indiranagar.  

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